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Essay on race and identity: once more about that

The question of self-determination for many members of modern society is still one of the most troubling and even painful. Despite the openness and freedom of expression, it is still fashionable to observe the sharp rejection by part of modern society of people who differ in certain ways – in particular, by the color of their skin, which brings to the latter problems with identity and determining their belonging to a particular social group. Anyone who has to write my essay on this topic knows how sensitive and even dangerous this topic can be, because all the efforts that were once made to create an open and equal society, in modern conditions, have been reduced to almost nothing.

Why has this topic still not lost its popularity?

To begin with, it is necessary to define what identity is in the modern sense. Identity, or the process of defining oneself in a world where others do the same, is a complex interactive dynamic involving the interaction of psychological (internal) and social (external) forces. Moreover, in a world characterized by unequal power relations, the question of identity is inherently political. This is especially true in the United States, where questions of identity are closely tied to America’s culture wars and to what it means to be a respectable member of society. Recent events in this country have made it clear that all the loud cries of equality and everyone’s right to self-determination mean next to nothing.

ethnic identity is also a social distinction or contrast. In fact, skin color identifies a person as a part of society, hence it acts as an identity card. This group defined by color shares culture, norms, and sometimes ancestry, where they can be recognized about themselves and sometimes about other people, making these segments in some ways important.

What can the difficulty of defining racial identity lead to?

It is not necessary to emphasize the various theories about the way social groups may choose to define their identities by skin color or other traits. It is important to keep in mind the general consequences that this can lead to:

  1. Destabilization of the political order. Some political groups may use this as a slogan for their campaigns, but history is replete with examples where such activities have only resulted in general disappointment and aggravation.
  2. The distortion of the system of social values. In fact, we can speak of their demise, as certain social groups will simply ignore their existence and imbalance the established structure with their actions.
  3. The direct use of violence is the only way to prove one’s point. There is nothing to explain here-no one will feel safe anymore and the entire social system will simply cease to exist.

It is better to prevent such scenarios than to deal with them as they arise. We must finally give everyone the freedom to define their own identity according to the attributes they see fit.